Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome Xavier!

It's been a while since I posted anything, mainly because I've just been too lazy, but also because my little nephew decided he needed to make an early appearance! My sister-in-law (Elise, who we all love very much!)wasn't due until March 17, but instead went into labor February 21st (my 1 year wedding anniversary). Let me run you through the events of that day.

I get a phone call on Tuesday, the 21st, around 11am, from my brother screaming, "Julie, where you at? The baby's coming!" I did not believe him at first because we are a family that is very sarcastic, pranksters, teasers...but he kept on saying he wasn't joking, that Elise's water broke that morning at her OBGYN appointment...I finally hear my sister-in-law in the background telling someone that she was in labor...that's when I believed! 3 weeks early, and she was already 5cm dilated!!! Holly crap, we were not prepared to go this early! I mean, I had made a list of stuff we were needing to take (because we would be cooking for them) and we didn't want to end up getting there and run out of clean undies :/ or not be able to charge a phone (yes, I have forgotten my phone charger) I was prepared this time with my handy list of everything we HAD to pack, and everything we had to purchase at the grocery store...well, I wasn't able to go grocery shopping because my husband had my debit card :( Anyway, so I immediately call my husband at work and let him know what's going on...he had the OK to take a week of in March for the babies arrival, but at 3 weeks early, I didn't think they'd let him go, but thank goodness his boss let him go!!! We had planned on renting a car (to avoid adding additional miles to our cars), but this happening so fast made it impossible to rent a car...I mean, we do have to be able to pay our utilities. We had planned on celebrating our anniversary in a cheap manner (since we get to pay Uncle Sam this year) by watching a movie at home and having a pizza, wings, and beer. We didn't end up having a beer (thank god! I don't need those additional calories!) So Elise was progressing rapidly, 7cm right away...they told her it would be quick...but the baby changed his mind, so they scheduled a C-section :(

So our plan was to go to sleep right away so we could be on the road around 3am (it is a 10 hour drive), but we were unable to sleep at all so we hit the road around 11pm. Around 2:30, we get a call from my brother saying that little Xavier was born at 1:51am! We took turns sleeping and driving all night long, and arrived there at 9am, tired but excited. Little Xavier was so tiny and precious! Love at first sight!!! My niece, Evey, was so excited! She just loves her little brother so much! My brother was so happy, so excited! I could tell he had cried (there's a difference in sleep deprived eyes and eyes that have been crying), and knowing my little brother (he is emotional, which is a good thing!) I knew he had cried even though he wouldn't admit can a daddy not cry when their baby is born! He likes to act like Mr. Tough Guy, but we all know he's kind hearted :D He is such a good daddy...dressing baby, swaddling him, even changing poopy diapers!

Boy do they have a precious baby! He only cries when he gets his diaper changed :D He is such a smart baby (I know everyone thinks that of their kids), but little Xavier really is! The doctors told them that, since he was a preemie, it would be a while before he could open his eyes....nope, Xavier opened his eyes on his first day! The following day, he started lifting his head up! The following days, his little eyes followed the sound of his mommy and daddy, then he started turning his head "looking" for whoever was speaking...already growing up so fast :( He's going to be one smart baby! So excited for my brother and sister-in-law! Welcome home little Xavier!
such a proud daddy :D
the entire family!
3 generations
she is so gentle with him :D

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