Sunday, February 12, 2012

Losing it for good!

So, I have been on this "lifestyle change" for a little over a month now and I mus say, I'm quite impressed with myself! I have started this "change" in the past and I would lose weight, but then I would gain it all back plus more because to me, dropping a pound would mean I got to munch on goodies a little more :D I know, stupid! "But I go to the gym everyday, why does my weight not go down?!" Who would have thought that going to the gym alone and not changing your eating ways wouldn't really do much?! Seriously, who would have thought that?!

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Growing up, I was extremely really really skinny that I was anemic (I still remember having to take that nasty medicine every single day, two times a day)...I also had (and continue having) digestive issues (like I would poop like a bunny/goat every two to three days...and that's so not normal!) HEY, MAYBE EVEY TAKES AFTER ME :D I mean, after all, I am her aunt! By digestive issues, I mean extreme bloating after any and every meal...and by extreme, I mean I looked pregnant, very pregnant! I had gas up the wazoo, I had severe heartburn and acid reflux! Anyway, I was skinny until I graduated from high school, that's when we moved to Georgia...boy did I gain weight when we moved to Georgia! I mean, who wouldn't gain weight staying at "home" all day everyday, not knowing anyone, not having anything to do except eat? Yes, I did have a job (actually two!), but I didn't know anyone! I worked 4pm-1am at a grocery store, then I would work from 7:45am-5:30pm at a dentist...I had no life (not like I was looking for one), but having no life means having no friends, no one to hang out with, no one to talk to...I only had my siblings (not that it's a bad thing :D it brought us close that me and my sister became good friends...and that's a good thing because we hated each other! like seriously hated!!! but that's another story) So yeah, all I would do was eat...I guess I was replacing something with food :/ sad to say...and I continued gaining weight even once I met my now husband (I guess finding love didn't make me want to lose any weight!) So for the last eight years I have been overweight (based on my age and height)...It's actually quite sad to think that I've been overweight for EIGHT didn't seem that long ago that we left California! But eight years was too long! Time for a permanent change!

I don't have a certain number in mind when it comes to losing weight anymore...I used to, but I would quickly get discouraged when I didn't see any change...I just want to be happy with my body, no matter what the scale says, nor what society says. I want to be healthy...I want to feel good...I want to poop regularly! (it's my blog, if you don't like what I'm saying, don't read it...simple as that) What caused this whole change? I mean, I have been this "fat" for eight years, I must have not cared enough to want to change all those years...why now? I'll tell you why! Contrary to what some family members might think/ husband and I do plan on having kids, really soon :D And what happens when you get pregnant? You gain weight! I am convinced that I will be one of those people that gains a million pounds and gets extremely swollen, and never ever loses any of that pregnancy weight. I do not want that! I want to prevent that! I don't want to continue looking awful! So it's now or never :D

This is me in November 2011. Yes, my jeans are too tight, but I still wear them because they're the only ones that fit. No, I can't button my jacket. Yes, my thighs rub together.

No I am not pregnant. Yes, the buttons on the jacket are barely holding on, but at least I was able to button them, so ha!. Yes, my face is fat.

So here's what's worked so far! And by worked, I mean I've lost 10 pounds and kept them off! I have been counting calories (something I have done before but never continued with...I guess you can say I was never serious about this, until now). I have been using this app and I love it! It's quite sad to think of all of the calories I used to eat...I don't know the exact number because I never did count them...I just know it's a lot based on the calories I consume now! It's not easy "counting calories", but it has been easier this time! I was quite surprised at the number of calories the food I ate had! What also surprised me was the serving sizes! Holly cow! I was eating like a cow! I have also started eating healthier...and by healthier I mean eating more fruits and veggies...replacing ground beef with ground turkey, adding flax seed to everything, and not eating out as often as I used to. Yes, we still eat out, but now I look at the nutrition facts before we eat at a certain restaurant, and I minimize my food intake once we're there. I have also stopped drinking soda (I still have a sip or two every now and then, because I do love Pepsi and sweet tea), but I have upped my water consumption, like I have been drinking over eight cups of water a day! Seriously...I have! I take my water bottle everywhere with me!!! The down side of that is that I have to pee all the time! Like every five megusta :( but I know water is great for me! Another positive side of drinking all this water is to try to prevent me from getting kidney stones! Both my brother and my sister have had kidney stones, they get it from my dad, and I do not want any! No thank you.

January 2012. Same jeans and jacket. No, jean's are not as tight as they were before. Yes, jacket is buttoned, and the buttons are not holding on for dear life! Still same fat face.

Let me tell you, just doing that has really worked for me! It has really helped with my digestive issues!!! I also have a lot more energy...I know eating poorly also drains your energy, so obviously eating better changes that...but I do feel the difference at the gym!!!!! I can now run a full mile on the treadmill without much trouble! (I could barely run half a mile before I would seriously start panting, cramping, and overall feeling horrible). Who would have thought that eating fatty foods could really affect that? I used to think that I couldn't run longer distances because of my weight, but it actually was because of what I was eating...seriously! The other day we had Panda Express (bowl only for me, unlike the usual 1 side, 2 entree I used to eat), I went to the gym the following day like usual, and I could not even run half a mile! And it's not a coincidence, because the same thing happened last time we had Five Guys...I seriously have trouble just trying to run half a mile without feeling horrible and just giving up! No more eating out like that for me! I feel way better when I don't eat out, and I love it! It has also cleared up my skin! Now I only break out when I'm going to get my period...curse you female reproductive organs!

For now, I just have to continue testing my will power, because boy does my husband love to eat out (so do I, but I don't want to anymore!)...seriously, he is constantly asking if I want Burger king, or if I want Thai food (which I love!), or if I am craving pizza...I seriously think he is out to sabotage me! We agreed that we would not be purchasing anything unhealthy at the grocery store, and I do the grocery shopping so I have been very successful at keeping those things out of my home...but the other day, he wakes up before me, goes to the grocery store, and comes back with a six pack of beer, a giant bag of Doritos, and a king size Reese's chocolate! *gasp* He said it was a treat for us for doing such a great job (which I appreciate), but seriously? I already have a difficult time using my will power to not buy those things, now it's in my cupboard just begging me to eat them! He does this regularly :/ so I finally had to get upset and FORBID him from bringing those things home...yes, forbid! I think that's the only way I can convince him to stop! We'll see how long that lasts.

So yes, I shall continue in this journey and continue eating healthy...not just for me, but also for my future babies...I want them to eat healthy, and feel good, and be happy...I also will need all the energies I can once I have babies, because we all know how much energy it takes to raise kids!

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