Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hipster fetus :D

So, my little brother is going to be a dad soon...good luck with that! Just kidding!! But seriously, I'm going to have a little nephew!!!! I am so excited, can you tell?! This will be the first little boy that we will be corrupting! We have already corrupted my little niece, sad to say! She is so spoiled with love...and I guess we can share the love with the new baby!
Isn't she the cutest?
My little nephew, Xavier (aka Professor X from X men :D, or pampers, or ñuñor), is already a hipster, and he hasn't even joined us in this wonderful world! This is going to be the fliest boy ever. Why? Because I said so :D I must admit, I was really hoping that it was a girl because girls are just so much cuter to dress...and boys don't really have many options when it comes to clothes...that is, until hipsters arrived into this planet!

There are so many cute hipster outfits on Etsy, but I am so not going to pay $25 for one onesie! I can pay $12 at Target and get a 5 pack and create my own. So that's what I did yesterday with the help of my wonderful husband :D It was a bit time consuming (maybe because it was the first time doing something like this), but it was so worth it! This is the post that inspired me...she has awesome and easy to follow directions!

He had iron duty :D
This is my absolute favorite one! I just love the colors!!

 I made two using the same fabric...different size onesies of course...because Daddy has a tie in a similar color, and I  thought it would be so cute for them to match! Hopefully my brother thinks so too!

I love the look of the simple black, true hipster.

These just make me think of nerdiness, poindexter, dweeb! It's going to look so cute on little Xavier!

This applique made me crack up when I saw it! It is so cute! And I thought of an awesome idea as I'm sitting here writing this! It's going to be so funny! I can't wait to do it!!!

This just says fancy, pinky up! Mm yes, indeed.

Bro, a frequently used word in the Perez household :D
This is going to be the illest lil' bro! True dat!

I couldn't leave my little nice out! She definitely wanted a little sister, so she's getting used to the idea of having a little brother. And what child doesn't have a hard time adjusting to any type of change, especially a baby! 

It took us quite some time to find the right shirt for this applique. A simple white shirt would have been the obvious choice, but white shirts are just too thin and see through...and I don't want a see through shirt for a little girl...there are too many pedobears out there and I don't want anyone thinking that way of my little girl! No ma'am! And yes, she could wear an undershirt...but this girl has way too much energy, she would be so uncomfortable and sweaty. And all of the shirts we came across already had designs, there weren't any simple ones. But while perusing the discount rack at Target, I found this cute shirt and knew it was the perfect colors!!! It was the last one left, and thank god it was her size! 

Aren't these the cutest shoes ever?! I know he won't be walking for a while, but I just could pass on these! Both were already on sale PLUS they were BOGO! Best deal ever!!!! Definitely hipster! 

I just hope some of these will stay in the family and be hand me downs, especially the shoes! :D it would be such a good family tradition to start! And it would be cheap too! But unfortunately that's not up to me :/ Hopefully my brother and my sister-in-law like these!


  1. ...I want shoes, too. >:( haha I like the booty one.

  2. okay okay i see you trying to one up my blog :P
    those look really cool! actual vans?! fucking cholo!
    and your pictures are pretty legit. i hate you.

    1. i don't do makeup, so no one upping.

      did you think i'd get knock offs?! hell no...this kid will be pimp!

      and i love my awesome camera! still trying to figure things out...but i guess i can't learn if i don't practice often, huh?

  3. awwwww those are so cute :D

    1. thank you :D you guys need to start popping babies out so i can make more!

  4. Ahem, guess who picked out the shoes AND the tie patterns?

    1. let's hope you have the same taste when you put a baby inside me :D