Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cutie pie!

I have the absolutely cutest niece in the entire world! Her name is Evey! When it comes to attire, she is a very girly girl...and girly girls HAVE to wear cute little hair bows!!! Since I'm home all day, I figured why not make her some little hair clips. I hope she loves them as much as I do!!! I also hope it helps keep her hair out of her face!

These little polka dot ones will definitely match her little shirt I got her! And it has plenty of pink dots, her favorite color! And I figured I'd throw in some green, since it's her mommies favorite color.

Anyway! Let me tell you about my precious little niece!She is ever so cute!

She loved that she was "shining"! 
Also shinning is my pretty little sister. :D

She is a polite little girl (not all of the time, of course, she is a child)...but she is definitely very well mannered when she is over at our place. 
Yeah, I gave her cookies and chocolate milk...and let her watch movies! :D
She was so excited that she got to drink out of a big girl cup and eat out of a big girl plate! (I'm not a big fan of plastic dinnerware, unless it's summer and we're eating outside!)

She is also fancy!
...pinky up! 
She had many questions about turtles!

 And she is also a very silly girl! That girl has such an imagination, and that imagination sometimes creates some very funny moments! Sometimes I think these guys rub off on her and make her ruin my pictures!
She's also going to be a big sister!!!! My nephew will be here sometime in March. He's going to be super fly! I can't wait for Junior to be here :D He's going to be so loved and so spoiled! Maybe just as much as we love and spoil Evey! :D

UPDATE: I have been searching everywhere for the post tutorial that I used and finally found it! Awesome and easy instructions!!

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