Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapenos

The bacon looks raw, but it so wasn't!
 I'm still learning how to use my cool camera...
and trying to take pics at night isn't really working!

I had seen these little suckers around the interwebs for a while, but was a bit hesitant to try them (cream cheese and jalapenos didn't really sound too appetizing)...but when I saw them on The Pioneer Woman, I figured they must not be too bad. I've tried recipes from Ree's site, and I have not been disappointed...especially them having bacon!!! who doesn't love bacon?!...so I gave them a shot. I first made them on a cookout this past summer, using my siblings as guinea pigs! My sister, a hater of all things "cheese" liked them...until we told her it was cream cheese! That's when her mind took over and told her not to eat more because it was "cheese". But my sister-in-law and my husband devoured them! These are absolutely delicious.

The very first time I try new recipes, I follow them exactly...how else would I know if I like it or not, or if I need to make adjustments for the future. Anyway, I found that this is way too much cream cheese, at least for me! So I knew that I needed to reduce the amount of cream cheese I put in each jalapeno half. I also sprinkled some black pepper on them. I absolutely love black pepper, just ask my husband! 

So for these, I don't really follow the "recipe". I just wing it depending on how many jalapenos I'm using. Especially with the cream cheese...I just add as much as I think is enough for me!

So, If you're wanting the original recipe, you can find it here. They are worth trying!

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